About the Hosts


Comm Capers is the dynamic duo of Kari and Rebecca who work tirelessly to fight marketing mediocrity through targeted communications strategy and kickass execution. The duo has worked together for a total of 15 years, roughing up the status quo at two different companies. With a large amount of mind-reading, and without the drama, they are able to put their 40+ combined years of marketing experience into effective, efficient and cost-aware solutions.

Flying RebeccaRebecca

Rebecca’s been in marketing communications for over 20 years. Working across the decades, she’s faced down virtually all types of communications challenges as she’s helped her employers embrace an increasingly digital world.

Motivation: Make it better.

Myers Briggs Type: INTJ (the mastermind)

Fav color: Pantone 362 (it’s the closest to Yoshi green)

Fav TV show: I love the anime Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi.  If I say,  “Garage Sale Attack!”, would anyone know what I’m talking about? Orphan Black also tops the list. Maybe I should just say “Sestra Attack!” instead.  

Fav movie: My Neighbor Totoro but really my heart sings when watching any Studio Ghibli movies made under the direction of Hayao Miyazaki

Fav author: Shigeru Miyamoto. What? Video games aren’t books? Can I talk about Manga?  How about graphic novels? Oh, it needs to be something without pictures. Okay, then probably Carl Hiassen. I love the Hoot series. Lots of humor.  And, as an added bonus, no bad language!

Dream dinner companion: Bowser Junior. I’d mostly just spend my time making him laugh so that I could hear his silly laugh. Maybe Mallow from Super Mario RPG could show up at some point and we could have a long conversation about what it was like to realize he was actually cloud royalty when he spent his life believing he was a lowly tadpole.  

Random obsession: Subscription boxes!



Kari has been an in-house designer for fifteen years. Armed with a Pantone book and a clean design aesthetic, she’s tackled design drama in both the print and digital world, helping her employers get things done while keeping it real.

Motivation: Make it work.

Myers Briggs Type: INFJ (the counselor)

Pantone color: Pantone 279 (it reminds me of Cinderella’s dress color).

Fav TV show: Friends

Fav movie: I can’t pick just one and when I asked my husband to tell me what my favorite movie was he said, “all of them.” Here’s my favorite movie from (almost) every decade I’ve been alive instead. 80s: Romancing the Stone, 90s: Jurassic Park, 00s: Love Actually, 10s: Sing Street

Favorite author: Maggie Stiefvater (The Raven Cycle Series), Simon Sinek (everything), and Jim Butcher (Dresden Files Series). By now it should not surprise you that this is the short answer. ;p

Dream dinner companions: Chris Hardwick. I’d want to talk about all the things like Walking Dead, building the Nerdist empire, anxiety, how to be cool around people you revere, but mostly how he manages to stay true to himself in everything he does.

Random obsession: Cheese Popcorn. You can get THE BEST cheese popcorn at Candyland in Minnesota. Seriously.