Don’t Drop the Ball: Tools for Managing Team Projects

Project Management Tools For Every Team

Whether your team is small like a hacky sack circle or large like a soccer team, there’s a project management tool out there that will work for how your group manages projects. Need a to-do list? A workflow? Milestones complete with gantt charts? Time tracking? Collaboration or communication tool? This site for sorting project management tools can help you narrow down which tools could meet your needs.

Project Status: Unicorn

For the Comm Capers, customization and design are key elements in project management tool selection and adoption. During the episode, we talk about how we love that both Slack and Dapulse … err DaMonday … err are happy apps. They are so cute and friendly (I think Slack Bot like, likes me, if you know what I mean). allows you to create endless boards for your projects and track whatever you want. On, you can even to do things like set your statuses to unicorn, elephant and sock. Slack allows to you to create streams for topics (we do this for our different podcast ideas) and share video and audio files. The mobile Slack app is also great; if you were part of my team I could “slack you” at any time, day or night.  

Project Tracking: It’s Personal

People who are good at managing projects tend to double-up on tracking methods — using the company-designated project management tool and their own special way (i.e., bullet journal, day planner, post-it notes, cat telepathy, etc.). However, we all know people who do not see the value in sharing information about project status. Ensuring compliance with a communal project management tool requires management support because, at the end of the day, people are going to do what works for them or what their managers make them do.

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Excel Saga Manga – The discovery of this manga series delighted Rebecca and her ears. If you are not aware of Excel Saga, here’s the description of the series from Wikipedia: “Believing the world to be corrupt, the secret organization Across plans to conquer the world. The first step in the plan for world domination is to begin by focusing on one city in order to minimize setbacks. Across consists of the leader of the organization, Il Palazzo, and his young adult officers: the enthusiastic and energetically devoted Excel and the soft-spoken and prone to spitting out lots of blood and fainting Hyatt.”

Webble Ergonomic Office Footrest – With this new footrest, Kari’s feet can now Webble (wobble) and not fall down. While Kari presents as mild mannered, she clearly has pent-up aggression that comes out of her feet resulting in the destruction of countless reasonably-priced footrests.  While her Webble was (gasp) $150, all footrests can now rest easier knowing that they will not suffer injustice at the hands of her … uh feet.

Is Your Marketing Plan Empty Inside?

Donuts are great! But you can’t really survive on just donuts, at least not without affecting your health. “Donut” marketing plans are the same way. They’ve got all the hype and sugary goodness of a donut, but may lack the strategy (the juicy center) that will inspire customers to pick you over the other pastries in their box. In this episode, we talk about ways to turn your marketing plan into more than just another “donut.”

It’s All About The Recipe

Does your plan lack substance? Is it really just a me-too plan with color sprinkles that match your corporate color palette?  Did your exciting new tactic fall flat? What a good marketing plan really comes down to is finding the right recipe. So, grab a cruller and your favorite cup of coffee and join us as we share our recipe for baking up a better marketing plan.

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Jakeeno the dog, a.k.a. the Bismarck donut hater


Branding Your Career Box

Imagine that you have a box the size of a trailer home. Then imagine someone tells you that you can only put ten things in it. That’s crazy talk, right?  Yet, sometimes in our careers we can encounter limits as to what we’re supposed to do based on our job descriptions. In this episode of Comm Capers we talk about what to do when your career “box” starts to feel too small.

Feeling Boxed In?

Finding a new job is probably the most obvious way to go.  But as you look out into the big ol’ world, how do you set yourself up for success, especially if you career “box” is different than the norm? During the episode we discuss personal branding as a great way for people to highlight the value of everything that is contained in their career box. And, if a new job isn’t something you can wrap yourself up in, how else can you define success?

We like Big Boxes (Sir Mix-A-Lot Homage)

We like big boxes and we cannot lie.
Neither Kari nor I can deny
That when the company has an itty bitty need,
There’s no one to help? Well that’s our speed.
We jump up fast. We get it done .
It’s not in our JD, but we think it’s fun.
Padding up our resumes,
For when we’re gonna leave one day.
Oh baby, let’s make it work,
Make it better, go bezerk.
My coworkers try to warn me
But an itty box makes me so orny.

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